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Emily Patsy Jan 2, 2024 3:19:38 PM 5 min read

Case Study: Demand Generation Accelerates Sales Lead Volume


United Poly Systems (UPS) is a Springfield, MO-based manufacturer specializing in high density polyethylene pipes (HDPE) catering to industries such as renewable, energy, water, and communications. With a thriving revenue base, yet constrained by regional boundaries, UPS felt the urgency to broaden their digital horizon and turn web traffic into potential sales leads.

Highway 9 Consulting, renowned as a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner, offered a decade of expertise in implementing successful sales and marketing drives. Especially notable in B2B marketing for the industrial sector, the firm ensures tailor-made strategies catering to technical audiences, like engineers.


To amplify UPS’ digital presence and grow sales inquiries, Highway 9 developed a threefold strategy:

  • Designing the definitive “All Things HDPE” pillar page for a comprehensive grasp on HDPE.
  • Launching an SEO-driven blogging initiative for organic traction and outreach.
  • Creating a product catalog landing page to convert anonymous web visitors into promising leads.

Strategy and Execution

Pillar Page

In demand generation, content remains king. The “All Things HDPE” pillar page acts as a comprehensive guide to HDPE. It simplifies HDPE’s rich history and its vast applications, comparing it with other materials. This page illustrates why UPS is the top contender in the HDPE market.

The design of this pillar page is not only sleek but also user-centric. It aids in lead generation by:

- Engaging Design: Its layout promotes user interaction.
- Scannable Content: Segmented chapters allow readers to navigate quickly, zeroing in on topics that pique their interest.
- Accessible Information: Aware that the comprehensive content might be a lot for some, we’ve added a download option. This way, our target audience can easily save the content for offline reading or to share it.

SEO Insight: By employing effective digital marketing strategies, especially in B2B marketing, pillar pages can significantly boost organic traffic and convert web visitors into potential sales leads. Properly executed, a pillar page can become a cornerstone of your content marketing campaign. It can draw potential customers in, ensuring they stay engaged and move further down the sales funnel.

Blogging Campaign

Demand generation is essential for businesses, and content marketing plays a pivotal role. Recognizing this, Highway 9 launched a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for UPS in September 2020.

The cornerstone of this strategy was SEO. With in-depth SEO analysis, we identified a range of topics that potential customers were curious about. We dove into HDPE’s functions, its distinction from materials such as PVC and Steel, the intricacies of its manufacturing, and practical demonstrations of its installation.

Over the span of two years, Highway 9 published 45 detailed company blogs for UPS, each highlighting a different facet of HDPE.


- Manufacturing Monday: An inventive series by Highway 9 that gained traction across social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
- Email Outreach: Targeted email campaigns and newsletters, integral for lead nurturing, expanded the reach of our blog posts.

For those new to HDPE or seeking deeper knowledge, our top blog posts include:

- HDPE 101: Understanding pipe terminology
- Material Face-Off: Comparing HDPE with PVC and Steel
- Braving the Cold: HDPE’s performance in extreme temperatures
- Decoding Colors: The significance of HDPE pipe color coding
- Why Choose HDPE: Unveiling its benefits over other materials

This B2B marketing approach didn’t just increase web traffic but also positioned UPS as a thought leader in the industry. By offering value through content, we aimed to convert organic visitors into sales leads and nurture these potential buyers.

Product Catalog Landing Page

In the realm of digital marketing, landing pages are vital tools for demand generation. The product catalog landing page created for UPS serves as an example of this.

Crafted to transform casual web traffic into identified sales leads, the page presents a balanced mix of clean design and strategic intent. The UPS brand takes center stage, enticingly paired with a visual peek into their product catalog. This design invites potential customers to explore more.

For those intrigued, a simple form awaits, offering the product catalog in exchange for contact details. This exchange is more than just a download; it’s a gateway for UPS to gather valuable insights for lead nurturing.

Venturing further, visitors find a concise breakdown of UPS’ core product offerings. This segment reinforces the company’s brand identity and gives potential buyers a glimpse into their diverse product range.

Delving deeper, the landing page culminates in a nod to UPS’ dedication to quality. By highlighting their US-based manufacturing facilities, UPS underscores a key message: their unwavering commitment to domestic quality.

For businesses aiming to excel in B2B marketing, such a high-conversion landing page is an essential component of their digital marketing strategies.


Demand generation is at the heart of successful B2B marketing, and the results of our efforts stand as a testament to this philosophy.

Pillar Page Performance
The “All Things HDPE” pillar page wasn’t just content; it was a strategy in motion. It achieved:

  • A commendable 2,800 page views.
  • An impressive 73 form submissions.
  • The addition of 50 new sales leads.

Notably, the average view time of 103 seconds indicated that visitors were genuinely engaged, exploring the depth of content and understanding its value.

Blogging Campaign Outcomes

Digital marketing shines when it’s data-driven. Our blogging campaign for UPS demonstrated:

  • A massive jump in top-ranking keywords: from 137 to a whopping 1,393.
  • A significant 359% increase in monthly website sessions.

By September 2022, company blogs were not mere pages; they were powerhouses. They constituted over a third of all site views. Remarkably, 78% of all website traffic stemmed from organic search, an exceptionally high percentage, indicating a significant number of visitors were being introduced to UPS for the first time.

Beyond the realm of digital marketing, the tangible result was evident. UPS saw a promising uptick in projected revenue, catching the eye of industry giant Atkore, which acquired the company in June 2022.

Landing Page Insights

The product catalog landing page served as a model of high-conversion landing page strategies. Since its inception in September 2021:

  • It registered 659 visits.
  • Achieved an outstanding 17.75% conversion rate.

In the context of industry standards, this wasn’t just good; it was exemplary. Comparing it with the industry average conversion rate of 2.35%, and even the top 10% benchmark of >11.45%, it’s clear the page was a star performer.

The cherry on top was the site’s revamp in May 2022. This change spotlighted the landing page’s call-to-action, boosting monthly views and increasing sales lead production from fewer than five to almost 50 per month. These weren’t just numbers; they were potential business relationships, seamlessly transferred to the sales team for effective lead nurturing.


Highway 9 Consulting’s integrated strategy, encompassing a thoroughly crafted pillar page, targeted blogs, and a high-conversion landing page, has redefined UPS’ digital landscape. Through these tools, UPS has not only enhanced its online visibility but has also carved out actionable business avenues. The transformation from a regional entity to a digital juggernaut showcases the prowess of methodical digital marketing strategies.