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Emily Patsy Jan 2, 2024 2:11:57 PM 3 min read

Case Study: Plasma Development's Brand Refresh


Plasma Development LLC is at the forefront of sustainable waste management. As they ushered in their groundbreaking Gasplasma® process in North America, they were pioneers in the waste management world. However, their online branding fell short of reflecting this trailblazing spirit.

Recognizing the gap, Highway 9 Consulting stepped in. We aimed to create a bridge between Plasma Development’s ground realities and their digital image with our strong background in B2B marketing and HubSpot Certification.

The Brand Disconnect: Setting Objectives

Plasma Development’s online materials seemed basic. They felt more grassroots than industry-leading. As a result, their pitches were missing the mark, failing to spark investor interest. There was a mismatch.

Our plan was simple but ambitious: Make sure Plasma Development’s branding truly represented their innovative approach to waste management. The game plan involved refreshing their brand, giving their website a makeover, and enhancing their digital presence, notably on LinkedIn. Plus, we wanted to equip them with tools that would make their investor outreach more effective.

Strategic Brand Overhaul and Reinforcing the Online Presence

Brand Refresh Inspired by Plasma Development’s dedication to transforming waste into renewable energy, the brand got a fresh, more aligned look.
Website Redesign The focus was on digital marketing. We aimed for a website that not only looked good and performed well but also told the Plasma Development story effectively. It was about ensuring the website spoke to its audience, reflecting the brand’s mission.
LinkedIn Profile Using the power of LinkedIn, we crafted a profile that extended Plasma Development’s reach, creating more awareness for their projects, and built more trust with its digital audience.
Powerful Outreach Tools We developed a library of materials for prospects including an investor presentation, detailed executive summaries for key projects, and a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) for serious potential investors. These tools were designed to showcase everything from Plasma Development’s values and project details to their transparent financial operations, boosting their brand equity.

Positioning and Strategy in a Competitive Landscape

Recycling and waste management is a crowded field. Plasma Development’s unique selling point was clear: a modern approach to environmental solutions. Our transparent documents gave clear financial details, showing Plasma Development’s trustworthy nature, which is important to build investor confidence.

Where most competitors emphasized machinery or processes, we found an opportunity: connect emotionally. Our goal was to highlight Plasma Development’s green-first mission with clear messaging and a memorable design, aiming to touch the hearts of potential investors.

Tangible Results

Once the brand revamp was rolled out:

  • Brand Recognition: Plasma Development experienced a significant spike in brand recognition and brand credibility.
  • Investor Engagement: The redefined brand, especially the new website, caught the attention of potential investors.
  • Better Communication: With revamped marketing materials, Plasma Development found it easier to communicate their story and vision to potential investors.
  • Investment Opportunities: They began drawing attention from serious investors, including talks about significant investments that could completely fund some of Plasma Development’s projects including international opportunities.


Highway 9 Consulting’s focused approach transformed Plasma Development’s brand image. From being a simple grassroots endeavor, the company quickly evolved into a credible entity drawing significant investor attention. According to Logan Clark, Plasma Development’s Engineering Manager, “The level of interest from potential investors accelerated once the rebrand was complete. The new website and marketing materials provided us with immediate legitimacy that was lacking before and placed us on equal footing with competitors in the waste management and recycling space.”

The success of this rebranding underscores the importance of effective branding and marketing, especially when trying to connect with a target audience. Today, with a clear message and a brand that truly represents them, Plasma Development is set to lead the waste management industry into the future.