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Emily Patsy 4/13/23 11:00 AM 5 min read

Lead Gen Through Downloadable Content Marketing: Top Tips and Tricks

While you might feel like you’ve tried every marketing strategy out there, there’s one trend in lead generation that’s started generating a lot of attention: downloadable content.

Given that 80% of B2B content marketing assets are gated, it’s no wonder that providing downloadable content can transform a business. This content is only accessible once a user has exchanged their information with your company to build intrigue and effectively draw in customers.

This article will explore what to know about the best strategies to generate leads through downloadable content.

Leveraging Downloadable Content for Gated Content Strategies  

To effectively leverage downloadable content for gated content strategies, first, identify your target audience and their needs. This can involve reaching out to potential customers whose information you already have but haven’t yet converted, or nurturing relationships with prospects by showing your business understands their needs.

Next, consider the key types of downloadable content available in the industrial sector. Fact sheets use proof points and statements to convey information quickly and concisely, while e-books offer a more visual approach with in-depth knowledge on relevant topics. Pillar pages provide comprehensive information on specific subjects, acting as a guide for potential customers an help immensely with organic search. FAQs address commonly asked questions, and whitepapers help position your company as a thought leader, setting your business apart from competitors.

The benefits of using downloadable content to attract and engage potential clients include increased engagement through an array of options that span the buyer's journey - from awareness to consideration to decision. High-quality, valuable content increases your brand’s perceived value, encouraging prospects to view you as an authority in your field. Tailoring content to specific audiences ensures relevance, while capturing leads by requiring contact information in exchange for access to content. Finally, positioning your company as a thought leader is achieved by taking a position on industry discussion topic or proposing a new direction, technology or innovation that may shape your industry. Overall, creating high-quality, valuable, and relevant content is key to encouraging future engagement and generating leads through downloadable content strategies.

Tips and Tricks for Each Type of Downloadable Content 

Navigating different types of downloadable content is essential to an effective content marketing strategy. Below is a breakdown of the best methods for making your downloadable content matter to your audience.

Fact Sheets

These files are a fantastic resource to inform your target audience about how your company can benefit them. However, it’s essential to avoid pitfalls many companies encounter with dull, flat content. To keep your fact sheets engaging, remember the following tips:

  • Always present essential information concisely.
  • Include eye-catching visuals and clear language to show relevant data.
  • Includes proof points or a "by the numbers" section
  • Consider the following example: Ideal Energy Solutions "LamFlo Fact Sheet" by Highway 9 Consulting.


E-books are an increasingly popular strategy to generate leads. While this strategy can be highly effective, it only works if your content is relevant to your audience. Remember the following tips and tricks before diving into this digital marketing method:

  • Provide in-depth information on specific topics that your audience is interested in.
  • Break down your content into digestible, easy-to-read sections.
  • Consider the following example: S&P Global E-book - "Analytics Explorer: Demystifying Data Science" by Highway 9 Consulting.

Pillar Pages

These pages can do wonders for your lead generation and organic search traffic.  Using them as the backbone of a topic cluster can create a tight nucleus of content that Google relishes.  Remember the following before you dive into your next pillar page:

  • Have all of your information organized around a central theme.
  • Include plenty of internal and external links to encourage further reading and improve your Google page authority
  • Consider either of the following examples:


An FAQ can provide potential customers with essential information that persuades them to purchase. A helpful FAQ is possible with the following techniques:

  • Prioritize common questions and concerns from past customers and your industry.
  • Frequently update your FAQ to reflect any changes to your company or the industry.
  • Consider the following example for an effective FAQ: B3 Insight’s Cost Index FAQ by Highway 9 Consulting.


This content should be formal and present relevant and compelling information to your audience. Remember the following before sharing your content with potential customers:

  • Include industry-specific data and research.
  • Keep your tone professional and use a clean, sophisticated design.
  • Refer to the following example for guidance: Ideal Energy Solutions Whitepaper "Work Greener, Not Harder" by Highway 9 Consulting.

Measuring Success and Optimizing Gated Content Strategies

After implementing a content marketing strategy, it’s crucial to measure success and optimize your approach. Start by setting up an effective lead capture mechanism, such as newsletter subscriptions, email popups, or quote request forms, to transform average site visitors into serious leads.

Promote your gated content through various marketing channels to better understand audience engagement. Utilize email marketing, social media campaigns, and content syndication to reach a broader audience. Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) like conversion from MQL to SQL, lead to opportunity creation and lead to closed-won deal. to measure your success.

Regularly review and update your content to keep it relevant and in line with industry trends.  Don't be afraid to re-promote your content frequently on social, through newsletters or on sponsored posts.  Updating  your content also improves its ranking as Google prioritizes content that is fresh and new. Leverage audience feedback by asking your current customers about their experiences and gathering insights on improvements to better engage future customers.

Find the Best Strategies With Highway 9 Consulting

From increased engagement to improved lead capture techniques and positioning yourself as a thought leader, gated content is a surefire way to get people interested in your company–if you follow the right techniques.

Implementing gated content into your digital marketing strategy is doubly effective when you partner with a team like Highway 9 Consulting for your sales and marketing solutions. Highway 9 Consulting provides expert advice and guidance on making effective gated content strategies that generate leads.

Contact us today to find out how Highway 9 Consulting can transform your company.