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Nirka Flores 9/14/22 10:30 AM 2 min read

5 Reasons to Use HubSpot’s Social Media Tools

Many businesses have multiple social media channels and post on them weekly. Some log in to each platform and post on their social media accounts individually. Others use a social media scheduling tool, where their accounts are linked, and posting can be done in one place. For companies managing multiple accounts and platforms, scheduling social media posts in advance can help things run smoothly.

Having a good handle on social media is important because 55% of consumers learn about new brands on social

HubSpot’s Social Inbox Tool is designed to make this happen. This tool is part of the HubSpot Marketing Professional Hub. As a company, you can link your accounts internally on HubSpot and manage all your social media accounts in one place. 

5 Benefits of Hubspot’s Social Inbox Tool

1. Draft, Preview, and Schedule 

Creating a consistent schedule for your social media is essential, and HubSpot allows you to do that. You can create a post for any social media platform and save it in the drafts folder until you’re ready to post or schedule it. This tool also allows you to preview a post, so you can see how it will look when it’s published to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram. This is especially helpful when an image is linked, or the image needs to be a specific size. 

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The scheduling function is very helpful for planning ahead. You can draft a post once and schedule it to post at a later time across multiple social media platforms. Select the time and date you’d like your post to go out, and it will automatically post when the time comes.

2. Custom images

Branded imagery is essential for building brand awareness. When drafting a post with the HubSpot social media tool, you have the option to insert and resize images. Each social media platform has an ideal image size, and HubSpot can crop/resize images to fit those dimensions. 

If your post has a link, you can use the automatically generated preview image, or insert a custom image. Using custom images is a good option, as the preview images may not have the right visual appeal for social media.

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3. Social media monitoring

HubSpot allows you to check each platform's follower count, engagement, and more. The other great thing about monitoring on HubSpot is that you can check messages and comments in one place. This way, you can stay active with your followers. Interacting with social media followers is vital. This shows excellent customer service and can help you bring awareness to your brand. This is another way to nurture leads on social media than just emails and content.

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4. Social media analytics

Gathering reports from each social media platform can be a hassle, but in HubSpot, you can collect them all with their Inbox Tool. Once your accounts are connected to HubSpot, you can analyze your audience, interactions, clicks, and other metrics. HubSpot builds a dashboard containing all analytics on your social media platforms. You can then add those reports to your marketing dashboard for optimization.

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5. Campaign tracking

In HubSpot, you can create campaigns to track your marketing efforts and successes for a specific product. Campaigns include emails, paid search, press releases, blogs, and social media. Knowing how your campaign performs is critical for success. You can compare notes to the last one and learn for the next one. With this feature on HubSpot, you can add social media posts from each platform and get a report of the entire campaign. 

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Nirka Flores

Digital Marketing Intern | Spring & Summer 2022